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Dick's Arroyo Grande Stage


A realtor in town called right before my summer vacation was to begin.  He'd like me to view a home for potential staging.  I warned him I was going on vacation, and that I didn't have a lot of available inventory.  He insisted I come see the home, just in case.


I headed on vacation without seeing the home, but with plans to come back into town mid-week (my vacation was fairly local).  The day I came back into town I popped in to view the home (note: the before photos show they were installing new carpet!).  As luck would have it, I get a call later that evening, that I needed to de-stage a home, just as I returned from vacation.  Needless to say, all the items came out of one stage, and got placed into this stage, with the substitution of a different, more fitting dinette set! 


Enjoy the before and after's!

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