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New Buellton Stage

A little over two months ago the realtor who uses me often calls me and asks me to look at three homes for potential staging. Two of them were ready to stage within the week - I staged them and they're already off-market.

This little gem got a huge facelift, that took several months, but just this past week she asked me to stage it!


From memory, the before photos are what I was planning having to stage. Because it was in Buellton, I didn't revisit the home, it's an hours drive.


My realtor gave me insight to the new colors (paint chips) and told me there would be new flooring throughout. I knew the floor plan. With that much information I threw together furnishings, props, and greenery... and my nephew and son and I headed out that morning.

When we got there, we were in amazement... it was a whole different home! It was light, bright and airy! The bathrooms and kitchen were totally transformed with all new cabinetry. The place is stunning and I'll bet it gets multiple offers and is off-market within the week!

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