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Templeton Acreage Home Plus Guest House!


I was asked to stage this spectacular home in Templeton by a huge-name realtor in the Atascadero-Templeton area. He'd seen another stage by me and was happy with my work.

This home was on the market and uninhabited, but had a few pieces of furnishings in place.

With the help of a moving man supplied by the realtors, I proceeded to moved some of their furnishings out, left some in place, moved some just inches this or that way, and moved some from room to room, then started in with my staging, placing props and greenery where I felt needed.

Now the home appears neater, cleaner, I used same colors throughout for uniformity, now it feels much more inviting! It feels like a ranch-property!

I originally did a partial stage.  The owners later came back to ask that I stage the entire home.

I truly don't expect this home to stay on the market for long, so if you're in the market, put this home on your list, now!

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