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Santa Maria Stage Already Sold and Closed!


About two weeks ago a realtor and super nice couple asked if I could stage this gorgeous home in a fabulous, newer area of Santa Maria - I had to explain I really was 'out' of furnishings, especially for their size of home... BUT this home in Morro Bay was due to come in, just about any time. They patiently waited for it, as it really was the perfect size stage for their home - and they truly believe in staging! The day before staging I cleared the old stage (de-stage). The night I de-staged I had to 'swap' blue for green furnishings and props. It was intense - I should say more difficult than starting from scratch! My nephew helped place it Tuesday morning and (forgot my camera so I have limited photos) the previously empty home feels so spacious and warm now! I'll come back with better 'after' photos when I head back in to place one-last item here.

Apologies in advance:  This home sold so quickly, I wasn't able to post it, or disclose the address to you!  Wow!

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