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416 Cedarwood, Paso Robles, CA



An owner called me on a Wednesday and wanted me to stage a home - she lives in Los Angeles, CA, and her home is in Paso Robles CA.  For those of you who know California, you know that that's about a 'five hour drive' up the coast form Los Angeles to Paso Robles.  It was also about an hour from me.  She wanted this done, without her involvement - except for some words of wisdom and one request:  she wants me to 'make her small home look larger'!


I had a really busy week just prior to this stage, had just staged two homes, and have another one to be staged on Friday.  I had just de-staged a home, and most of those furnishings were in the back of my trailer, already loaded.  It was because of that I said, 'ok!'.  I simply hooked up to the trailer the next day and headed up!


The teal colors made this otherwise small home seem more airy and fresh!  The great-room did seem small, unstaged.  When I staged it with a 'smaller sized couch', it really shows well, and larger!  By putting just the right amount of furnishings into this home, it does show as having lots of room!  This home should sell fast!


416 Cedarwood, Paso Robles, CA

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