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Stew's Arroyo Grande Acreage Stage


As a home stager, vacations are kind of crazy, lining up stages right before, lining up stages for right after, making sure no one needs a de-stage during my vacation, etc!

This stage was no exception... heading for a ten day, out of state vacation and I have four, back to back stages lined up to complete in six days allotted.  CRAZY!


This home (as you see in the befores) was vacant and unoccupied, but for staging purposes came with a really heavy dining table and chairs set.

I utilized the dining table and chairs, by minimizing the number of chairs around the table (it was a bit crowded) setting a couple off to the side, and placing the 'den' looking of the chairs in a den, surrounding a chess-table.

All other staging items were similarly matched up (leather looking, wrought-iron) with that dining room.

This home with acreage is a great price, and in an extremely sought-after neighborhood, it's a must-see if you have horses, like to entertain, and still love to be near town!


I apologize that the before and afters are in the wrong order... I'll re-sort them when I have time!  Enjoy!

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