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Lompoc Stage, I have no couches!


My Realtors are the best!!! One of my realtors who uses me often asked that I stage a home quickly. When I told her I was out of couches, she told me I could just de-stage a home she had in Buelton, that was in escrow, and stage the Lompoc home!


So off we went yesterday morning for a HUGE day - first de-staging Buelton, then staging Lompoc - for those of you who know this area, this equals to about a three hour total drive time, broken up into three portions, with a one-hour de-stage and a three hour stage!


I made peanut butter sandwiches for the trip, and we brought a ton of water, it was a HOT day!


The stage went ultra smoothly - here are the after photos, enjoy! If you're in the market for a home in Lompoc, this one's been redone, top to bottom and shows beautifully!

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