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You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression on a buyer.

Home staging is the process of turning your home into a product that will appeal to the greatest number of buyers.  This involves neutralizing the home and protraying a lifestyle that buyers want to have.

Home staging can include de-cluttering, painting, enhancing curb appeal, moving furniture, adding furniture and decorating.  

Home Sweet Stage clients receive the services of an Accredited Staging Professional as part of my marketing package.

Since only a small number of homes on the market are properly staged, your home will take the advantage!

Here's one in progress - You get to see it as it  progresses!

The way this kitchen was used, there was no area for a dining table.  This is a three bedroom one bath home and residents were expected to eat in the living room (?)  over the carpet.  It was obsolete by today's standards, with the laundry in the kitchen and the stove standing alone on the opposite wall.  The kitchen 'triangle' was way out of whack!  Our owners elected to turn the kitchen back into an eat-in kitchen, and take the laundry facilities out of the kitchen!  By using used appliances and cabinetry, this owner saved a mint!  The new countertop and backsplash will be granite.  The other rooms needed new updated lighting and paint.  One room needed new blinds.   The living room turned from stark-white to a white with one focus-wall of mid-tone.  We used three colors of the same hue, brown tone. UPDATE:  The cabinets are in and stained, granite is in, with 6 inch backsplash for wall/water protection.  We are done, and it's ready for rent!  When it was all said and done, it was approximately $4900.00 for the entire renovation!  Great news for my investors!  They just 'made' $30,000.00 according to local sales in the neighborhood!

One of my investors just picked up this fixer-upper to be used as a rental.  After suggesting colors to paint, and talking budget, the owner wishes to 'go green' and use used cabinetry to replace the 1950's (unique but beat-up) metal kitchen cabinets. The old kitchen was equipped with fridge, sink, stove (on opposite wall) and clothes washer. (clothes washer???)  After visiting the local ReStore (used building supplies) we located some kitchen cabinets that would fit the bill for $400.00, which included a new sink and faucet.  They are in oak, but will be stained and white-washed to give a fresh look.  We also picked up a used stove/oven, dishwasher (nearly new!) and laundry pair that will fit in the closet adjacent to the kitchen (that way, not much plumbing involved!)  The old closet that I'm speaking of housed the water heater.  Debated putting an 'on demand' water heater, but went with the more economical traditional plumbing to the outdoors water heater closet. This was an expense, but still less expense than an on-demand.  If the renters ever had a power outage there would still be a tank of hot water for the interim.  There is vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathroom and it is still in good shape.  The lighting in the kitchen was limited to a one-bulb sconce on either wall.  Super dark!  We changed the lighting to be a track the length of the kitchen.  On one end will be pendants to hover over the new area designated for the dinette set, the other end are some bright light bulbs for food preparation!

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