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So - I'm sitting at lunch with my son and his girlfriend (visiting from L.A.) and my phone rings.  Now, I'll preface this by saying:  I make it a point to never answer a phone call when I'm with a family member, a friend, or a client.  I always return my calls within an hour or so anyway - besides, this phone call looks like a telemarketer by the area it's coming from - New York - I don't know anyone from New York... I'll let it go to voicemail.  I had a nice lunch with my son and girlfriend.


Upon leaving I check my voicemails.


"Hi, this is Ally Flouring - from Magilla Entertainment.  We're doing an episode of BeachFront Bargain Hunt for HGTV, in your area, and need a home stager.  Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX"


Haha, that's funny, it's a jokester - I laugh it off.


Within a minute or two, I'm reasoning with myself:  "What friend left me an ugly message like that... not nice!"


Within another minute I remembered that this phone call actually came in from New York.


I'm really reasoning with myself now, determining, "I don't have such cruel friends... this must be for real!"


So I returned her call.  It sounded something like this:


"We're doing an episode in your area.  Is Grover Beach near your office?"  (Haha, if I wasn't, I would travel!)   'Why, yes it is - about 5 minutes away"  (the truth!)


So she goes on to say, "It's an empty home.  We want the staging for a weekend only... from Friday to Sunday, for filming.  We want it to look a little beach-y, and don't let it look staged, but don't let it look lived in!  We only want the living room, dining area, and two bedrooms (out of 3) staged."


So I put some beach-y furnishings in the home, and left a big box in the middle of the living room, full of beach-y looking props that they could use at their discretion.


This was and still is, truly the oddest staging request I've ever had!  There are very few photos because there wasn't much staged.  The story is a funny one so I thought I'd share it.  Enjoy the photos!  If you ever are able to catch a re-run of the show, or can view it online, it's the one they say is from 'Pismo Beach'.


...And now I can say I've 'Staged A Home for HGTV!'   By the way, I still have that voicemail on my phone!  Haha!


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