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Ocean Front Home, staged in less than 24 hours, sight unseen!

When a realtor calls and I have no real time to spare for a stage, but he'd really like a stage done, I rise to the occasion.


A new-to-me realtor calls Tuesday mid-day asking about my services. The phone call quickly turned into a 'yes' but I mentioned unless I do this 'tomorrow', it couldn't get done until next week Tuesday or Wednesday due to other obligations.


It's in Cayucos, which poses another issue - do I make the trip up to preview (it's an hour away, do I have time), or can I get what I need off of the internet? AND we had rain to contend with... it's never easy to stage in the rain. Fortunately I'm a very spatially-minded person and could make my plans based on the existing internet photos. A girl needs her plans!


So Wednesday, between the spurts of rain, my sons and I spend all morning packing for this stage, and Wednesday afternoon / into evening my sons and I head out, unload, and stage this beautiful.... no..... GORGEOUS home ON THE WATER in Cayucos.


WOW!!! The boys told me upon arrival: 'We should buy this!' I'm thinking the same thing!


So, in retrospect, this stage was a vacant, sight-unseen home, and within about 24 hours went from realtor request to stage-done status. Please forgive the darkness of the photos, it was 6:30 at night when we were done, it was dark! Soon there will be online photos that I can place here - in the meantime, enjoy!

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