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1187 Stonecrest, Arroyo Grande, CA

Real Estate Expert Aaron Peck believes in staging, it's a service he always recommends for his upscale clientele.  Whether it be a walk-through with a home stager and client in re-arrangement of their own furnishings and props, or a complete staging on an empty home.​


Aaron called me and said he was now living in the Nipomo area and has several clients and homes for me to speak with, and view.  One was a walk-through by the park in Arroyo Grande.  I did three weeks ago, the home was put on the market yesterday, and knowing how the home looks right now (the client did beautifully!) it's a done-deal!


The next was this home on Stonecrest; a gorgeous two story, nearly new, but vacant.  It lacked a bit of 'warmth and homey-ness' if you will! The homeowners were happy to see the home as it looked staged.  It was also put on the market yesterday, and looks fabulous!  I expect it to be gone within a matter of days!



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