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My Before and Afters!

In today's challenging real estate market, home sellers need an advantage over the competition.  Within the first 7 seconds a buyer will form an opinion of your home.  You need that first impression to be a positive and lasting one!

I specialize in vacant home staging - I keep my own inventory and have over seven homes of furnishings, props, and greenery to make your home look complete, but never cluttered!


Call for your complimentary consult!






Home Staging Service for Vacant Homes

Using my staging inventory, I can stage a vacant property to ensure that it's appealing to your target buyer. I usually recommend staging the main "impact" rooms of the home, which includes Living room, dining room, all bathrooms, kitchens, and master bedroom, and then any 'questionable' rooms (ie: a front room with no closet, or an awkward side-room)  Because every project is unique, I'm happy to provide a no-obligation staging proposal for your property.


Gift Certificates:

Home Sweet Stage offers custom-designed Gift Certificates for Home Staging!  Typically owners pay for home staging.  If you're a reator and you believe a home you're about to list would be best shown as staged, but you're convinced your owner would not like to, or cannot afford a staging service, give me a call and you can purchase a gift certificate for a portion, or all, of a staging service! 

Ready to make your home (or office) the talk of the town? Contact me for more information about any of the services listed above - 805-714-2711.

​Home Staging Services Offered To Realtors

Do you have a furnished listing that could benefit from the services of a professional home stager? I can provide a cost-effective verbal consult, so you as a realtor can step back and have me make suggestions, which would make your life much easier!  This service is typically $199.00 for a one hour consult  - by you paying for this, this enhances your services offered to your client!  I quickly, efficiently, and effectively go through their home, room by room, and make suggestions on what should stay, go, and where to place furnishings.  Whatever the budget, timing or obstacles, I'm sure to have a solution to make your listings irresistible to buyers.  (As a for-instance, a typical 1500 sq ft residence takes about an hour.)


  • I know how to tactfully and diplomatically advise your clients about the changes and improvements necessary to sell their home.

  • My staging service will boost interest in a home that's been lingering on the market for too long.

  • I can provide quality digital photos for your online listing and marketing materials.

  • I offer custom-designed Gift Certificates available for you to give to your clients – for Consultations, Home Makeovers, or any of my other staging services.

Call now and speak to me, 805-714-2711!  Thank you for trusting me with your listing!  Patty Ouellet



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